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    THE RAPTURE PRECURSORS  “GREAT SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS”  God, puts out Satan’s lights in the Heavens. Light from the stars go out. Light from the sun covered. The moon is now dark.  A GREAT SIGN APPEARED HIGH ABOVE THE EARTH  A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and She is in labor and crying to give birth to her son.  ANOTHER SIGN APPEARED HIGH ABOVE THE EARTH  Satan, the Great Red Dragon  along with his forces, positions himself between her and the approaching Heaven, hoping to kill her and her child upon birth, in the Rapture event.  HEAVEN APPEARS WHERE THE SUN USED TO BE  Seriously, can you image what this must look like? The stars are dark, the moon is dark, the sun is dark, Satan’s lights are dark! People only see a brilliant Woman travailing in birth, and a great red dragon along with his forces, standing between her and the approaching Heaven.   THE RAPTURE EVENT  The Woman gives birth to the child (Firstlings) who are immediately caught up to God in Heaven.


    the Rapture Chronicles Marshall Law Christians + Persecuted  False Messiah, President & Religious Prophet, aka Unholy Trinity…now controls earth. Evil National Guard proudly displaying Satan’s 666 Taboo Tattoo logo, persecute Christians and all others who refuse to bow to their authority.  Tom, Maria and Joe (in a cat and mouse scenario) flee to Tom’s Rocky Mountain Sanctuary, always only one heartbeat ahead of the N.G. During the first 3½ years of the Great Tribulation. Evil dominates and the faith of Christians and others is shattered, but not destroyed. The resolve of millions of Christians remains steadfast, some being teachers while most are followers…in the end they are Martyred for their faith in Christ.  As they are being Martyred they receive “Holpen” from God.....................................................................................BOOK THREE.....................the Rapture Chronicles  Biblical Zombies Global Plagues of the UnDead  Close to the beginning of the second 3½ years of the Great Tribulation, Two Invincible Gigantic Supernatural Beings come to earth who are sent by God to offer salvation for some… plagues are the fate for most, turning all water sources into blood, as God fittingly gives the evil anti-Christ blood to drink.   “God, will not let the rotting & infected Zombielike anti-Christ die, during their first 150 days of being bitten by the Flying Hell Monsters released out of the bottomless pit.”  These Flying Hell Monsters have the face of a man, hair of a woman, teeth like lion-vampire fangs and huge scorpion tails with stingers, they have supernatural armor plating and are instructed by God to only attack those  not having His mark of salvation dispensed by his Two Supernatural Beings.   “God’s Two Witnesses” These, two supernatural beings meander throughout the continents rejoined, traversing the entire globe. Everyone upon earth, the good and bad witness the massive effect of their actions.  God’s 7-Thunders and 7-Spirits trailing in tandem behind His 2-Witnesses provide 7-Continental Domes that control the plagues unleashed by the Two-Witnesses of God.  “God wants all mankind to be saved” God sends His Angels in conjunction with His 7-Spirits to gather the saved from earth and brought into His Marriage Hall for the Great Kings Feast, commencing just prior to Armageddon.  ARMAGEDDON The Unholy Trinities “Hell, on Earth” soon culminates with the battle of Armageddon where  the false prophet,  the false president,  millions of demons, and anti-Christ followers, are cast into the lake of fire, and are no more. Satan is captured and confined for 1000-years.


    Book 4 the Rapture Chronicles Judgment Day  Books Opened 1000-Years…“Peace for some…Wars for most”  God’s Children, His Royal Kings, Royal Priests, Martyr Priests and others, now donning their Heavenly Bodies dwell within and without the New Jerusalem, having in its center the Holy Mountain of God.    Surrounding the New Jerusalem are the 12-Tribes of Israel, being all Israelites from Adam to now, are brought back to life for a second chance.  They are taught by God’s Royal Kings, Royal Priests and other Priests.  Astonishingly, evil still grows.  Evil Seeds, migrate to the outer regions and germinate into the AntiGod.  Two AntiGod evil zones emerge, Gog and Magog one to the north and the other to the south. During the centuries their numbers increase, as the sands of the sea.  Towards the end of the 1000-years, Satan is released for 15 months from his confinement, and along with his 3-demons incite the anti-God. They travel to encamp and surround the people of God living around the New Jerusalem and prepare for war.  CULL OF THE DAMNED  As the AntiGod, along with Satan and his 3 demons, commence their last attack, fire from God comes down and destroys them.   The Judgment Day Books, opened  Judgment Day Books…  if your name is recorded in them you go into oblivion.  Book of Life Those who during the 1000-years have proven themselves worthy  have their names erased from the Judgment Day Books and entered into the Book of Life.  There is a third and most glorious book called the LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE those in this book…The Lambs Wife.  Next comes the NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH